Sunday, January 2, 2011

I know you didn't. . .

Okay, so that should say I know I didn't. But, I did. I know I did it because, well, I did it.

I signed up to run a half marathon. Yep, I did it. We'll see what happens with that. My goal is to simply finish the thing! Of course I didn't sign up for one in April, oh no. I signed up for on February 13th. I actually signed up a few weeks ago and so I've searched online and found a training schedule for 8 weeks prior to race day.

So far, so good. Today I ran six miles. That's the most I've ever run. I didn't die!!!!! I didn't even feel like I was going to die! Who knew?!

So, enough about that!

We had a great Christmas at our house. It actually snowed on Christmas Day in Alabama. Wow! Now, I see what the big deal is about a white Christmas (even though no snow actually stuck to the ground)! We didn't travel anywhere on Christmas Day this year and it was quite the blessing. We were able to hang out in our pajamas all day long!!!! THAT is my kinda day!

Here are some pictures from our wonderful Christmas celebrations!

All the cousins on my mom's side!  My mom had two daughters and now has all grandsons!

The cousins on Jason's mom's side of the family!  I could easily take their cousin Matt and claim to have triplets instead of twins!
These boys seriously loved the super cool hats from GiGi!

 There were even toys in the boys playhouse fort.  I forgot, boys don't have playhouses.
I hope that your Christmas season was just as wonderful as ours!  I have really enjoyed just relaxing and am probably going to have a hard time getting back into our normal routine!  Hopefully, it won't take me too long!

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