Monday, March 1, 2010

My first post

So lately I have become addicted to reading people's blogs. Seriously . . . it could be a problem. Anyway, all this blog reading made me want to start one of my own. So here it is. My first post on my first blog. Oh what a day. The only reason I have time to do this today is because we aren't doing school. Why aren't we doing school you might ask - because the dreaded stomach bug has arrived at my house. Oh the joy! I hate stomach bugs. Give me snot and coughing anyday! Actually, Dalton seems to be feeling better (crossing my fingers, knocking on wood). I had a very busy week of school planned out and now we are going to be a day behind. This stresses me out. I am a planner, a scheduler, and now . . . my little plan book is going to be all messed up. I am trying to learn to roll with the punches!

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