Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The joys of being a mom of boys!

Boys!  Can't live with them . . . Can't live without them!  Just imagine this with me, would ya? 

I go over and open my refrigerator, I reach inside and take out my Milos (zero calorie) sweet tea.  Then I drop the gallon of tea on my foot (luckily it didn't spill everywhere)!  Why on earth did you drop a gallon of tea on your foot?  Well, here's why . . .  This is what I found tucked behind the tea -

I mean, seriously, a dead frog in one of my rubbermaid containers.  YUCK!  Apparently, the boys caught this frog and wanted to keep it fresh, so they put it in the refrigerator.  Oh, the joys of having sons!

P.S. The top of this container had two huge cracks in it.  I guess in their attempt to poke holes in the top so it could breathe, they completely cracked the top.  (They were using a butter knife so it is no wonder)


  1. All I can say is, thank goodness Dean didn't do this. Fake snacks in my bed - yes, frogs in my kitchen - no!

  2. I would have dropped the tea too!

    This reminds me of how my brother used to catch crawdads and tadpoles in the brook by our house and then leave them in jars filled with muddy water on our back the bake...

    Snip 'n snails and puppy dog's tails...

  3. They never grow up either - I found a container of night crawlers in the fridge - for my husbands fishing trip, the other day - ew!

  4. Oh WOW!! That is just too funny and gross at the same time! PS I love your new header!

  5. that just totally cracked me up! I would have dropped something, too.



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