Saturday, August 13, 2011

Picture Post

*Warning* This is going to be a fairly long post with just about nothing but pictures.  If you are looking for some well written inspirational thoughts then you are seriously at the wrong place.  Not just today.  This is not that kinda blog.  Soooo, consider yourself warned!

This is how our family ate for the past two weeks until our kitchen table was delivered.  Oh the joys of moving!  I am just about at the point of throwing away anything that is still in a box.  Obviously, it is not something that I can't live without.  I can, however, live without boxes.  Ugh!

It was little man's birthday on Thursday.  I can not believe that he is 7 years old.  Where on earth does the time go?  Seriously?  We started his day with cake and chocolate milk for breakfast!  Why not, right?

 Ignore the really ugly island in the background.  We were so ready to move in that we told the painters not to worry about it.  We have the paint, just need to get it painted.  Right after I finish with all these boxes.  Ugh. . . again.
 Oh yes he did.
 Who could be angry at that precious face?  (Well, I can but not on his birthday!)

 Later we met the family for lunch at Gander Mountain.  It is a huge store with hunting, fishing, boating, etc. kinda stuff.  It also has a restaurant attached.  After lunch, Granddad took the kiddos shopping.  Hayden got all kinds of goodies and the bigger boys each got a toy gun.  What is it with boys and guns?
After shopping, we headed over to dad's office for more cake!

We left the office and continued shopping at Sports Authority.  We had to get a helmet for his skateboard that he got for his birthday. 

I know he wanted his day to be all about him, but that just isn't doable when you have two older brothers.  So, we headed off to football practice.  It was just conditioning practice, but it is hard work!

Maybe next time I will have a post with some truly inspiring thoughts and ideas.  Don't hold your breath.  Until then. . . 

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