Thursday, May 13, 2010

Times - They are a changin'

We are about to celebrate our one year anniversary at our new church.  It's hard to make changes, but when you go where God wants you to go, you will never regret it.  I love our church.  I love the people in our church.  I love the truth (sometimes the hard truth) that is taught at my church.  I love the worship at our church.  It's contemporary and most definitely "innovative" as our pastor would say.  So, it is no surprise that as Drew was looking at some Bible curriculum that I am thinking about using for the upcoming school year that he came upon a word that he did not know.  Do you know what that word was?


He was like, "Mom, what in the world is a hymn?"  After I pulled myself out of shock,  (I mean seriously, you don't know what a hymn is?)  I explained all about hymns.  So, I asked Dalton if he had ever heard of  hymns.  His response, "No."  Looks like I need to get some cd's with some of my favorite hymns for us to listen to.  I love, love, love contemporary worship music, but I also really love some of my favorite hymns.  They bring back such great memories of church as a child.  Do you have a favorite hymn?

Anyway, I couldn't help but ask, "What about a pew? Have you ever heard of pews?" 

Are you ready for his (Dalton's) answer?  No, seriously, are you ready?

"Of course I've heard of puke, but nobody calls it pew mom!"

You gotta love little boys!


  1. I loved Shine Jesus Shine, and Just as I am. We sang those very often in church.

  2. Love it! I cannot believe that it has only been one year that ya'll have been there - it feels like ya'll have been there longer than that! Thanks again for the bible curriculum - I'll get it back to ya soon!

  3. We love jars of clay redemption songs. It's mostly hymns but not sang traditionally. (sang sung I really don't know what tense that was supposed to be). Anywho, we love it! Your boys are hilarious!



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