Sunday, May 9, 2010

This Kid

I have already done a post on why I love this kid and this kid, but now it's time for why I love this kid.  My middle child.  Yeah, I know my oldest two are twins, so how do I have a middle child.  But, I look at them as my oldest, my middle, and my youngest.  Technically they are and if you believe in any birth order characteristics, this kid definitely has some middle child qualities. 

There are lots of reasons why I love this kid.  I mean look at that smile and those big ole "I haven't grown into my teeth" teeth.  How could I not love him?!  It also doesn't hurt that most mornings when I go into his room.  It looks like this:
without me even asking!!!!!  I mean, acts of service - now your speaking my love language! No, for real that is my love language. 

I love this kid because he's a good eater, doesn't complain very much, and will wear whatever I tell him to wear.  (As long as it doesn't match his brother!)  He is a perfectionist just like me and is so incredibly hard on himself.  He is eager to please and gets very upset if he loses his temper.  If his little brother aggrevates this mess out of him (which of course never happens at this house!) and Drew yells at him or (gasp) hits him - he is so upset at his inability to control his anger.  He doesn't like to be mad.  And he most definitely does not like losing control of his anger. 

I love this kid because he thanks me for milk (especially chocolate milk), and he really enjoys the little things in life.  This kid is my outdoorsman.  He would hunt, fish, hike, climb, and just play outside all day if he could.  I once caught him sitting outside by himself and asked him what he was doing.  His response, "Just enjoying the sunshine."  This kid is sensitive, caring, and emotional.  All qualities that will one day make him an amazing husband and father.  He is always the first to volunteer to lead us in prayer every morning and his prayer always goes something like this: 

"Dear God,
Thank you so much for this day you have given us.
  Will you please help us to have good attitudes and listen to our mom?"
Seriously, how could I not love a kid like that?!  I just know that he is going to do great things for The Kingdom.  I can't wait to see what God has in store for him! 
My sweet sweet sensitive middle child.


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your son!

    And, my yes, would I be happy if I went into a room and found it looking that neat. Well done!

    Happy Mother's Day to you.


  2. Oh, I love this! I was going to say he sounds like he's going to be a great husband, but you already said that! I'd have to agree!!

    My middle child is also my sweet peacemaker ... gotta love them!!

    Happy Mother's Day, Elaine! Hope you've had a great one!

  3. Oh sweet Drew! I still think he just might end up being a preacher one day!



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