Thursday, September 2, 2010

The First Rotten Day of the Year

Anybody, and I do mean ANYBODY, that tells you that they love every single minute of homeschooling their kids, that their days go by blissfully, that their children do as asked the first time - everytime, that school days are nothing but a walk in the rose garden -- is a, make sure you get this, BIG FAT LIAR.  As in, liar, liar pants on fire!!!!  Did you hear me?

Now, let me insert clause: "I understand that homeschooling is my choice.  I understand that I do not have to homeschool my children.  (Although it is something that I feel led by my God to do, and I don't really dig arguing with Him since he created the whole world and everything but that is besides the point) So, if you feel that I have no right to vent or complain about a negative homeschool day, then please read no more of this post.  I am pretty sure that everybody has bad days at whatever it is that they do.  It doesn't mean that whatever you are doing is wrong and should be changed.  It just means it was a bad day."  With that said, here is how our day went today:

"Why do we have to do school everyday? 
I don't want to read that. 
I already know how to write "g's!"  Why do I have to write more of them? 
Math again?  Are you serious?"

(You did read that in your whiniest voice - right?  If you didn't go back and read it whiny like because that is how it was said and that is how I wrote it!)

You get the picture - right?

Don't forget to insert the deliberate lack of effort, glazed over eyes, and even tears during spelling.  Yes, actual tears times two children! 

There.  I feel better.  Today was day 23 and our first truly rough one.  I'm thinking that's not so bad!  To be honest, alot of it probably had to do with my attitude from the get go. I had a lot of things to do today and I just really wanted to "get school done."  That's usually when my kiddos don't really want to just "get school done."  They want to lallygag (speaking of spelling - I want to spell this lollygag but spell check and dictionary tell me it is lallygag) and goof off and just be, you know, kids.  The spelling issue though is a constant.  My kids really, really, really dislike spelling.  I don't know if it is spelling itself or the curriculum.  I'm thinking that I might give Sequential Spelling a try.  They have a free sample that you can download.  I wonder if my kids will like it's format better - I don't know.  I might end up going back to All About Spelling, but I'm trying to find something without all the bells and whistles of AAS.  They don't need all that.  Okay.  Finished.

On another note, my sweet middle child has had a rough week.  We had our eye dr. check up and things weren't so great.  His vision in his left eye had gotten worse.  Quite a bit worse.  So, bless him, he has to wear a patch over his right eye for four consecutive hours a day for two months and then we will reevaluate.  Homeschooling is truly a blessing during this time.  Socially it won't be an issue and since I am his teacher, I can move subjects around so that it is a little easier on him.  He's being a real champ about it and made it for 3 straight hours for our first day.  Not bad, I thought.  I love his eye dr.  He said, "Now hear me say this.  This is a war that you have to win, but that doesn't mean that you have to win every battle."  Thanks Dr. Sputh!

Next, my middle man is my only child not playing baseball.  He wanted to play football.  Not just any football, tackle football.  I haven't been to any of his practices.  I honestly don't know if I can take it.  I mean, he is only eight!!!!!  But, with that said, he loves it.  Loves it.  Loves it.  He talks about it all the time!  I had to take a picture of his first bruise from football.  (There are probably more on arms, legs, etc. but he is at that age where there is no way is going to let me check him over!!!!!)

Bless him!


  1. Oh, I am sure I will be there soon enough! This is our first year so it really helps to read these posts so that when I get there- and I know I will! - I will at least know that I am not alone!!

    I hope tomorrow is a better day!!

  2. oh boy, that was a rough day! I did read it in a whiny voice-automatically!! :)

    I get where you are coming from- I do feel, as a homeschooler, reluctant to share my bad days because more often than not I will be told in a subtle way that I made my own bed, now lie in it- or to send them to school. It makes it so I can't be real to anyone not homeschooling.

    that is rough about your boy needing to wear a patch, it does make you relieved to be homeschooling when issues like that come up. My oldest dd chipped the bottom half of one of her front teeth a few years ago, and the dentist wants to wait till she's mostly done growing before covering the grey/blue part of her tooth...she doesn't even care, but if she was in school, I know it would have been a big issue.

    I'm toasting you with my iced chai- here's to better homeschool days!

  3. Oh those rough days. I sometimes think that I have more hard days than easy days.

    I've used Sequential Spelling. It works -- it's easy and my struggling spellers realized that there wasn't much pain in doing the lessons with me.

    I'll toast you back with an iced-vanilla latte!

  4. You crack me up. :) Really, why weren't we better real life friends in Tuscaloosa. I guess this internet friendship will have to do. :) Um, and yes Mr. or Mrs. should be LOLLYGAG because down here in the south, that's how we say it. End of story. :)

  5. I stumbled on to your blog accidentally (through Lori R's blog)- you know I am new at this whole blogging thing! I love your blog! I love hearing about your kids, your homeschooling days (even the not-so-great ones!), and seeing pictures of your family. I smiled at the pancake picture! Can't wait to tell Dawson that his idea is actually working in a wonderful family and made the blog:)

  6. Maybe it shouldn't, but I always find it reassuring to read these types of posts. Thanks for being real. And you're right about the big fat liars, lol.



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