Thursday, December 16, 2010

No Time, No Time

So, this will be another quick kinda random post, but this one will be just about all pictures. It seems like I only have time for a post with my thoughts or a post with pictures, but not both.  I know that my family that reads this blog could care less about what I have to say . . . they just want to see pictures. 

 So here goes -

Here is a picture of the cute little cookies we made for Thanksgiving.  Okay, well, I said that "we" made them, but in reality - I did.  I brought the kids over to show them how to make the cookies, but all they wanted to do was eat them!  My sweet husband, um "offered" to help, but then later quit because apparently I have some serious perfectionist issues.  I have no idea what he is talking about!  Please no comment, mom!

What in the world are we going to do in science with marshmallows, Qtips, and toothpicks?

Why, little man and I made a model of an insect.  See the three body parts, two antennas, and six legs?

Not much makes me happier then seeing my boys reading.  But, if I told the truth, then I would have to admit that he was assigned this book to read and later declared it "stupid."  It was The Cabin Faced West which has a girl for the main character, so I am thinking that had something to do with his (and his brother's) opinion.  Surely one day they will enjoy a book!

I honestly can not even remember what we were doing.  Something hands on in math and probably with fractions.  Helpful, right?! Oh wait. . . I remember.  Never mind, no I don't.  I thought we were ordering fractions, but then I remembered that we did that with construction paper "candy bars."  I could just look it up in the teacher's book, but it's not worth it to me! 

I do remember what Little Man was doing.  We were making congruent shapes on our geoboards.  He loved this activity! What?  No, of course he didn't shoot any of his geobands across the room at his brothers.  He would never ever do something like that!  I mean, we homeschool for goodness sake.  My children NEVER misbehave!  Bahahahahaha! 

Oh, the joys of division.  At least it is more fun on the white board!

Simplifying expressions is also more fun on the whiteboard!

That's all I've got right now!  We've been having a good time doing some fun Christmas activities and hopefully I will post about those sometime before next Christmas!

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