Friday, June 11, 2010

Some Special Time

The second Sunday in June is always my husband's family reunion.  It is held in a little town in south Georiga called Blackshear.  It always ends up being a great trip because there is nothing to do in Blackshear, GA.  Doesn't sound like a reason for a great trip?  Well, it forces you to truly be on vacation.  You don't have to be anywhere, Grandma cooks for you, you swim at Grandma's house, and play with cousins that you only see once a year.  It is for serious like going back in time!  Just sitting around relaxing for a whole weekend! 

 Unfortunately, I can't go this year.  My husband and the older boys headed out yesterday, but I stayed back with my wild little man.  My littlest man made the all star baseball team and he has practices and a practice game.  Although I was initially a little bit disappointed, it has turned out to be a really good thing.  Why?  Because I am getting to spend some very special one on one time with my littlest man.  What are we going to do between practices you may be wondering?  Well, we started off with a trip to Taco Casa (If you don't live here, you have no idea what this place is all about, but I am telling you it is worth the trip to T-town!) and a pit stop at TCBY.  Next, we headed to the grocery store for the most important supplies ever. . . Pop Tarts, cereal, milk, chocolate milk, watermelon, gatorades, and a ton of gluten full foods.  You see, we have been eating gluten free (well, for the most part anyway) for a while now, but not this weekend!  We are going to live it up with some french toast - most likely for supper, pancakes for breakfast, and whatever else we feel like eating.  

I'm breaking all the rules for our special weekend!  He's sleeping in my bed with me and we are staying up way late (okay so he made it until 9:30 last night, but you know what I mean), and pretty much just having fun!  Can't wait to make some special memories with my littlest man! 


  1. aww sounds like so much fun!! I love your dress in the second picture!

  2. what a sweet, special time! I have to tell you that I am struck by how young you look in these photos, you look like you could be the nanny or college student who baby-sits!

    enjoy your weekend!



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