Thursday, July 1, 2010

Celebrate! Celebrate!

Boy have we been celebrating in this house lately!  You might remember from this post that my sweet middle man made the biggest decision of his life a little while ago.  Well, we were able to confirm that decision with the act of baptism this past week.  To make it all the more special, Drew was baptized in the new building that will house our church.  Here are some pictures from his super special moment!
He refused to take off his glasses!  I have no idea why! 
So literally we had to leave right after Drew's baptism to head to the state baseball tournament for my littlest man.  I had already sent him with another team mate so that he could get warmed up and we arrived about 15 minutes before game time!  They won that game and made it all the way to the championship game on Wednesday night.  Unfortunately, we didn't win the state tournament, but we did come in 2nd!  Reason enough to celebrate for me!

As if I needed any more reason to celebrate - I have just about finished ordering all of our school stuff for next year!  Estimated first day of school in the Strickland home . . . July 19th!  WooHoo!


  1. how wonderful!! Celebrating with you! I bet mom cried a ton, yes? Crazy, busy with the baseball after, what great memories.

  2.'s Demetria from co-op. Congrats on your kids' special moments- especially the baptism!

  3. Such great things to celebrate! Congratulations!

    (Ryan from Alpha Omega Publications)



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