Friday, July 16, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up - Last week of summer

This was our last week of summer vacation.  Everybody seems to be interested in why?  Why would you start so early?  Here's my reasoning - my kids are already over summer break.  We ended in the middle of May, mind you.  It is miserably hot outside and they are tired of going to the pool.  (Seems crazy I know, but I suppose it gets boring if you do it enough).  Also, (and hear me tell the truth here) I love starting early and being able to take as many breaks as I need in the upcoming months.  You know those days when the kids just do not want to do school (and honestly I don't want to either)? Guess what?  We just don't do it!!!  I mean, it is so great to be relaxed about that!  Why try to force them to learn on a day when they clearly aren't in to it?!

Anyway, back to our week . . .

I finally finished up all my curriculum (except for science) choices and was able to blog about them in this post.

The kiddos had their cousin, Matt, over to spend the night.  He's the same age as the twins and they always have such a fun time together.  God is so good to bless us with cousin-friends! :-)

I also had the opportunity to have lunch with my accountability group from church.  It's a small group, just four of us and our leader.  We meet fairly regularly and just fellowship, pray, and discuss our current book, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World.  So good.  So good.  The book and the fellowship!

Today, I went to the pool with my friend, Debra, and her daughter.  It seems like all of my friends have daughters.  That's great, except for the fact that I have sons AND my sons just so happen to really, really, dislike girls at the moment (at least my older boys do).  Anyway, she (and my other friends) have started a precious girls club.  From what I gather, they get together and hang out and do some ministry projects.  (The next one is going to a nursing home and painting fingernails, singing, putting on shows.)  Anyway, this got me thinking . . . I should start some club for my boys.  Something where they could hang out with their friends and do some ministry projects.  The boys (and their dads) could help some elderly people with their yards and I honestly don't even know what else - but something!  Any thoughts?  What should it be called?  I remember when I was a kid - clubs were so cool!

That is pretty much it for us this week.  Next week we will be back to the normal school routine. We will be starting out slow and working our way back into a full fledged school day.  By the way, I am totally interested in year round school.  Do any of y'all do that?  If so how? What's your schedule like?

Finally, don't forget to hop on over to Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see what everybody else has been doing this week? 


  1. I'm totally with you on starting early because of the heat and so we can take a day or two off when we need to. Love home schooling!!

  2. We started early too...LOVE it :-) I like your new blog template. I would love to hear more about the Girls club- N. and I were just talking about that. Glad you decided on starting up a boys club. I know people that might be interested in that.

  3. I have several comments!:)
    -I love your new picture of the boys fishing! SO cute and so them!
    -I think its great that you start early and then take breaks throughout the year...that is so smart on your part because you know if they arent into it they arent going to learn as much anyway!
    -I am SO for year round school. Riley and I wee just talking about that yesterday actually! I dont understand why more people arent for it and why we dont do it??? I mean you get breaks throughout the year and summers go by WAY to fast anyway and by mid July or even before its so hot you dont want to be outside!
    -Last the idea abut the ministry projects! And come fall...raking leaves would be such a big help to elderly that cant do it or have to hire help! Love your ideas!

  4. So many homeschool families I know start their new school year early. We have before, but this year will be starting around Labor Day - so late!! Love your idea about a club for ministry projects and hope that works out!


  5. I always admire Moms that can get school going in the summertime. I've tried, but it never seems to happen around here. Your curriculum choices look great. AAS was the only thing that finally worked for my spelling-challenged son, but I know what you mean about all the bells & whistles. After the first few weeks, we just used the book & a white board everyday.

    Another idea for your boys club - My parents are older/disabled and count on us for things like carrying things downstairs & changing light bulbs. People without family nearby might just need help with those things.

    Janet W

  6. We generally do not take the whole summer off. I dislike the loss of skills that always seems to happen. And, like you, I like the flexibility of having more breaks throughout the year. I like a long break at Christmas! We do things differently in the summer but they are still learning.

    You have a pretty and interesting blog!



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