Thursday, August 25, 2011

Football is in the Air

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year for many many reasons.  

One of which being FOOTBALL!!!!  I love it and so do my boys!!  My older boys are playing for the Acreage Athletic League and are both on the Washington Redskins.  They had their first game last Saturday and did a great job!  They had so much fun even though it was hot as all get out!  We were winning (6-0), but we had to stop playing because of some lightning.  Drew plays on the offensive line and Dalton plays on both offense and defense.  

I took some pictures of their first game.  Not many though because I somehow ended up being a "water girl." Let me tell you something. . . .that was a hot job.  Running on and off the field, refilling water bottles - Geez, I can only imagine how it felt in all those pads!  By the second half, the older brothers had taken over the water duties - Thank you, Jesus!  They didn't get their uniforms in for the first game so the boys had to wear their practice uniforms.  Hopefully, I will get some pictures of them in their new uniforms soon!

 Cheering on the older Redskins team before our game starts.  
Two really good looking Redskins fans!  :-)
 Getting ready to line up.  They better be scared of those Strickland boys coming after them!

Dalton is looking pretty determined!

Man, I love fall!  Now, just waiting for some Alabama football!!!  Roll Tide Roll!!


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