Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random Thoughts

Well, we are here!

Moving was. . . well, moving.  How did we get so much junk anyway?  Why do we have it and where did it come from?  Good gracious!!!  Moving on. . . (no pun intended - seriously!)

We went to the Wellington Pool with the boys playgroup from our homeschool group.  It was great!  Two diving boards, two huge slides, and a great big area with nothing but fountains for the little ones.  So much fun.  The ladies were super kind and welcoming and made the transition down here seem easier!  Thank you Lord for answering that prayer!

I have been spending a lot of time trying to get all settled in the house, but have shifted my focus to getting our school room all organized.  I am hoping to start school next week even though the schools down here don't start back until the 22nd.  The desks that I ordered won't be in, but we can always use the kitchen table!  I am switching to a new curriculum, Heart of Dakota, and am so excited about it!  I hope it lives up to all my expectations! :-)

My little man's team did AMAZING at their World Series.  They finished second!!!  Hayden was selected for the all tournament team.  It was quite an honor!

They are scary arent' they?!

This is what they are really like!

In order to make it to the championship game, we had to beat Gardendale.  This team beat us last year in the state tournament and our kiddos were convinced that they couldn't beat them.  In steps my husband.  He promises that the kids can SHAVE HIS HEAD if they win.  You should have seen their spirits lift!  They were pumped!!!

 His mom even got in on the action!!!

This is the closest that I have to a final product picture.  I think he looks quite handsome!  I really like it!  A big thanks to GW Keller for his help! :-)

Finally, I have signed up for my third half marathon.  I will be running in the Beachside Half Marathon in October!  Any of my running friends want to join me?  Oh, come on!!!  Let the training begin!


  1. I think Jason should have left his hair like the middle picture!! Haha! So glad y'all are getting settled and meeting new friends! Just don't forget about us old ones!! :). Miss y'all!

  2. wow, lots going on with you guys! Is the photo above your new house? So, how do you like it! My husband found our house and came home and told me he found our house..but I did see it before we signed on it! Our anniversary went un-celebrated, too- just too busy here during the summer. We are hoping to get a night at a hotel or at least alone at our house- in the Fall to celebrate :)



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