Thursday, April 15, 2010

This Kid

I love this kid.  I mean, of course, I love all my kids - but right now - I really love this kid. 
He's my oldest (only by 22 minutes but you better bet it matters to him).  He's fairly quiet, you know, doesn't demand my attention like his little brother.  He keeps to himself and for the most part, does his school work with little or no complaint.  He's a great reader and loves his vegetables.  But right now, I love him because he loves to talk to me.  Not all day, all the time, gotta have your attention, but at night.  Bedtime.  After I tuck everyone in, he calls my name.  I know what he wants.  He wants me to get in the bed with him and just talk.  He usually ask the most random questions.  For example, today's question, "Mom, why do you have to be 16 to drive by yourself?  Do you think there is a big difference between 15 and 16?  Is it the same age in every state or is there some state where you can drive when your 14?"  We talk about this and then move on to just talking about his day. You would think that I would know all about his day (you know since we are together all day).  But man, life through the eyes of an 8 year old is a whole nother thing.  (Is nother a word?  A real word?  Probably not, but whatever) 
That's why I love this kid.  He waits ever so patiently to have me all to himself. Just him and me under the covers talking.  It could just be a ploy to stay up a little later, but either way it's become our time.  And I wouldn't trade it for anything.

  That's why I love this kid!!!!!


  1. Beautiful!! What a treasure to have alone time with your boy! Sounds like your priorities are right where they need to be!! Thanks for the encouraging reminder! They grow up too fast to let these opportunities pass! ;)

  2. wonderful, sounds like he will grow into an exceptional man, will be a great catch for a girl someday.

    We call our son the bedtime philosopher, he waits till I am almost out the door,turning out the light to ask me some deep, not-easy question. "mom, what's heaven like?"

  3. I love those conversations, the moments that open a window into their brains and you can see the wheels turning, lol! Thank you for visiting. I'm your newest follower.



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