Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This Kid

I love this kid.  There are lots of reasons why I love this kid. . . I love him because he is my "baby."  I love him because he is all boy - dirt, bugs, and sports. BUT  he also loves clothes.  I don't have a daughter, but I have someone to shop with!  I love him because he looks just like his daddy (although it is a little frustrating to carry him around for 9 months and he doesn't even look anything like me - but I digress).  I mean check this kid out. . .

I mean seriously, who wouldn't love somebody that cute? (what?  you think maybe I am a little biased?)  However, today - right now, I love this kid because he is a go getter.  He knows what he wants and he goes and gets it.  This boy doesn't take "no" easily.  He's persistant, passionate, and um, super strong willed.  And that's why I love him.  He lives life to the absolute fullest.  He'll never be known as a quiter.  He gives his all in everything he does.  He'll try anything at least once.  My littlest man laughs loud, plays hard, and loves intensely.  As shown by all the hugs and kisses he gives me throughout the day - for no apparent reason.  Man, I love this kid.


  1. One....I hope I have a little boy one day....Two....I hope he is mommy's little boy and cuddles with me too....Three....check out my blog...I gave you an award!



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