Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm back!!!!!

Did you miss me?  I missed all my blogger friends!!  Anyway, just a quick post about our trip and then hopefully I will be back to blogging fairly regularly because, um, hopefully, I will be on some sort of schedule and routine.

We had a ton of fun on our trip to West Palm Beach to visit my husband's grandparents.  While we were there I got to celebrate my 32nd birthday!  We ate at a super yummy Italian restaurant and then came home for not one, but two, count 'em, two cakes!  I mean seriously, why have one measly little cake when you can have two?!?!  (Did I mention that I gained 5 - count 'em - 5 pounds on this little trip?)

We spent a few days on the beach.  The boys loved practicing their snorkeling skills and finding all sorts of sea shells.  There were tons of places marked off all over the beach for sea turtle eggs so we discussed that.  What we didn't discuss, however, were rip tides.  Probably should have done that because Dalton got caught in one.  I was watching him and Drew practice their snorkeling while sweet hubby was getting wild man ready to snorkel out by the rocks with him.  I noticed that Dalton was swimming and swimming and not going anywhere.  He wasn't freaking out and so I watched.  He started to get a little frantic and so daddy ran down and pulled him out.  He was surprisingly calm.  It hadn't pulled him under the water yet and he was using his snorkel to help him keep his face in the water and still breathe.  When I was talking to him he said, "It was like I was trapped.  I couldn't go anywhere!"  So, needless to say, we talked about what you are supposed to do in case that ever happens!  Okay, so that is not funny, but the next day we were visiting the estuary on the island and came across this sign:

I had to make him stand by it for a picture.  Can't you see how amused he thought this was?!  The teacher in me just kept saying . . . I bet he learned more about rip currents with his experience yesterday than he ever could by reading this sign!

The last two days we spent out on the boat.  Man, the Atlantic Ocean is absolutely gorgeous!  The boys each went snorkeling with daddy around this reef behind The Breakers Hotel.  Wow!  They saw a sea turtle, spiny sea urchin, parrot fish, angel fish, and tons more!  I didn't count it as school, but I'm pretty sure I could.  (I figure schools count trips to an aquarium as a school day - my kids were snorkeling in THE aquarium!  But, I am not one to push the envelope so I didn't count it as a school day!)



  1. How fun! My aunt and uncle live in WP Beach!

    Come check out my Master Books Giveaway tomorrow (Thursday) and win some new homeschool supplies?


  2. How fun!! Glad you had a good time!


    We are the same age!! ;)

  3. Oh Elaine. It was DEFINITELY a school day!

  4. Looks like yall had a great time! And I am sure they learned so much so yes it should be a school day! haha :)



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