Monday, August 16, 2010

Ten Commandments for little ones

I am supposed to be upstairs packing for our vacation that starts tomorrow, but instead I thought that I would run to the computer and write this quick little post!  Sh!!!!!! Don't tell my husband - He thinks this whole blogging thing is absolutely asinine!  Anywho . . .

We've been working on memorizing The Ten Commandments this year in Bible.  I noticed that my youngest was having a hard time (okay so were the bigger boys), so I pulled out the Sunday School curriculum that I used to teach preschoolers.  It had this really cute song that they all loved and so we have been singing it at our house every morning.  Um, don't tell the older boys that you know - they would just die if they thought people knew they were singing "little kid" songs!

It is from Hands On Bible Curriculum and you sing it to the tune of "Ten Little Indians"

I'm your only God - it's true.
Don't worship idols - ooooh!
Respect my name and don't be rude.
Keep the Sabbath holy.
Please obey your mom and dad.
Don't kill people - oh! how bad!
Please stay married - you'll be glad.
Don't steal things from others.
Never, ever tell a lie.
Don't wish for things your neighbor's buy.
Follow God's rules, and you'll be
Safe and very happy!

I hope that your little ones enjoy it as much as mine do!  I'll check back in with everyone when we get back from the beach!!

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  1. Elaine, this is too cute! Thanks for sharing! I will be sure to share it with my mom who teaches the kids in our church!



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