Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up - The one with a birthday

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!  What a week we have had!!!!

On Monday, we wrapped up our study about mosaic art by making our own mosaic.  However, we just used little pieces of construction paper.  What is so funny about this is that my older two boys HATE and I do mean all capital letters HATE doing arts and crafts.  So, although, this was supposed to be a fun - not normal old school - activity, my older ones were acting like it was pure torture.

 Let's see . . . On Tuesday, I had a meeting for our cover school (In Alabama, you can only legally homeschool if you are under a cover school or have a private tutor) in which I had to stand in front of everyone and talk briefly (but it seemed like FOREVER) about how I plan for our week, make lesson plans, etc.  Apparently, there is some crazy rumor going around that I am super organized - okay maybe I am pretty organized, but still . . . speak in front of people!  Ugh!

Right after that, we had our meeting with our co-op!  There are like 50 something families and around 150 kids in our co-op.  If we had more space, we could definitely have more kids.  There are already 40 on the waiting list!  Wow . . . homeschooling is growing, growing, growing!!!!

After these meetings, a group of us went and had some coffee and some grown up conversation.  Ah, so fantastic!

Wednesday was little man's birthday!  A birthday is a school holiday at this school, so all we did was Bible and history.  If you know anything about Sonlight, you know why we had to do history.  You will get behind so quickly!!!  Anyway, we then headed over to the always famous Chuck E Cheese - which is a much better place in the middle of a school day when all the other kiddos are in school and you can have the place basically to yourself!  After that, off to Yogurt Mountain.  Oh my, heaven on earth!  Love, love, love that place!!!!

Thursday was school as usual.  We didn't do anything crazy fun just the same ole same ole.  However, I have started letting my older two do their reading silently. This is new for us, I have always had them read aloud.  I am super nervous about this.  I'm not really sure why?!?!?!  I ask them tons of comprehension questions afterwards, or have them narrate what they just read, but I am still a nervous wreck about them only doing reading silently.  I think I am going to have to have them read aloud to me occasionally.  I don't know . . . any thoughts?

Friday was our first day of co-op!  It was so much fun!  The boys all really enjoyed their classes and I really enjoyed getting see everybody again!  Friday night was little man's birthday party.  Future post to come about that!

What a great week it has been!  Don't forget to head over to Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see what everybody else has been up to!


  1. I have the same thing with my older kids and crafts! Sounds like a great week.

  2. I have the same kinda boy when it comes to art. You would think I was throwing away all his Legos, with all the complaining that comes outta his mouth. :) Get over it, right? :)

  3. Mosaics! How fun! Why didn't I think of that? See how helpful your blog is?!

    With your wonderful organizational skills, the independent reading is probably harder for you because it is kind of "letting go", does that make sense? I'm sure you're asking great questions and you'll know immediately if it's not working! Don't worry!

  4. The mosaics look really fun! We are going to have to slip in a crafts project somewhere this week. The girls have been I am thinking a mosaic would be fun. Thanks for the idea.



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