Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up - The one from last week

Um, as you can tell by the title, I am a little bit late getting my weekly wrap up posted.  I have no idea where the time went, but apparently it went.  So here goes . . .

We had a good week.  Only did 4 days of school, but it was a good and productive 4 days! (And it's 4 more days that I don't have to do when the weather gets cooler!!!!) 

We are really enjoying our history so far and the History Pockets have been a big hit.  Here are some pictures of the older boys working on their Native American picture dictionary.

You might be asking yourself, "What's up with his glasses?"  Well, I will tell you.  He lost them.  We are pretty sure he left them at the pool (ahem, when they went with dad and not mom because everyone knows that I would absolutely never let my child forget something as important as his glasses - insert sarcastic tone).  So, we are just going to wear these until we visit our eye doctor and get a new prescription.  Won't be much longer!  Anyway, here is our finished project.  There were a total of 24 picture cards. 
We also did an activity about buffalo and how they were such an important resource for Native Americans.
Here it is behind our picture dictionary.  The kids had to decide what part of the buffalo was used to make all these different things made/utilized by Native Americans.

Little man has been working hard on his handwriting!  I love how focused he can be . . . I just wish I could get him to focus that hard on reading. 

The bigger boys had a fun time in math using monopoly money!  How easy is it to grasp the hundreds, tens, and ones place concept when you're using some money?!

So, it was a fun week.  Next week (this week because I am posting so incredibly late) is going to be super busy!  We've got a birthday, a birthday party, and our first day of co-op!  It's gonna be so much fun.  Also, be on the look out for a post about our unexpected science project!

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  1. Hey Elaine! Enjoyed your advice tonight at the cover school meeting! I'm Jennifer, the one who asked what your blog site was. I have a blog, too, so I'll be following you so we can share ideas! We did K last year, so you never know I may have somehting to contribute (don't hold your breath!).



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