Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Love Letter

My friend, Lori, posted some great ideas for family devotion time during this amazing week known as Holy Week or Passion week.  You can visit her blog here to read all of her ideas.  We have really enjoyed taking a break from our normal Bible curriculum and focusing on the incredible events of this week. 

Today, we read Mark 14: 3-9. This woman gave Jesus a gift that was very precious to show her love for Him.  After we read these verses we talked about things that we can do to honor Jesus and show Him how much we love Him.  To wrap things up, we cut out hearts (with little and much assistance) and wrote a love letter to Jesus.  Since I have boys (and fairly young ones at that) they mainly wrote about why they love Jesus.  I thought it was perfect. 

I also thought it was perfect that God had given us an absolutely glorious day.  We were able to sit outside among His beautiful creation and tell Him all (well not all, but alot of) the reasons we love Him.



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