Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sick Days

Dalton is feeling better today, but not 100%. Sooooooo, we didn't do school AGAIN today. Well, we did Bible, History, and Reading, but I am not going to count today as one of our "school" days. We've already got 130 something days (we have to do 170) so I am not stressing about it, but it does get me off of my planned schedule and that bugs the mess out of me. We could make it up during the planned spring break, but we probably won't. Anyway, here are some pictures of the kids not doing school.
Hayden is such a monkey. Jason put this bar in the door frame of their playroom bathroom. Hayden swings on it constantly. He also likes to climb up door frames and just be wild in general. Gotta love him!
Drew is just excited because he didn't have to do creative writing today. He hates it. He is such a perfectionist that he worries that it won't be "right." Like I said, Dalton feels better, but still kinda tired and puny. However he has enjoyed getting to lounge around and have me cater to him.

Here is wild man again. He got the sleeping bags out to "camp" in the playroom.

Dalton hates to smile for pictures - sick or not. He usually ends up making some funny face. Like this:

It is also hard to get a good picture of Drew. He likes to look off at the last second or do something goofy. And look at that hair! Could it be time for a haircut?!

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