Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up

We have had such a great week this week!  We did all of our school that I had planned (sometimes you gotta celebrate the small things - especially if you are a box checker like I am!)!!!!!!!  Anyway, here are the kids doing their morning work.  By the way, the big boys finished their Explode the Code book and will be starting their new one next week.
The weather was great a few days this week and so we did as much school as possible outside!  Here we are getting ready for History, Bible, Geography, and whatever else I throw in there.  As you can see, Hayden loves to wear the national school uniform of homeschoolers a.k.a. pajamas.  Not the older boys, they are up and dressed every morning.
We did reading outside. . .
And the boys got some hands on practice in um . . . woodworking.  They are loving helping their dad build a new fence. 
Of course, we did have a rainy day this week.  Ugh!  I seriously can not remember the last time we went an entire week without rain!  I suppose that the Lord knows what His earth needs more than I do, but man on man!  Anyway, I digress. . .   Hayden enjoyed working with his math manipulatives and the always popular writing on windows with dry erase markers.  Whatever works - right?!

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  1. my kids would love writing on the windows like that! ...not sure if I want to even open up that possibility...!

    lovely post, looks like a great week!

  2. Love Explode the Code my son is almost done with book 4 :)

  3. I NEED to write on the windows with my kiddos- perhaps they would get cleaned that way every now and again! Great week...check!

  4. School outside....I love it!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi! Found your blog at Weekly Wrap up. I love the dry markers on windows. What a fun idea. Looks like you had a good week. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh yes, the weather has been calling to us too, picnics and read alouds outside. Heaven!

  7. Love reading these! Even when my week has been crazy and I haven't had time to call I feel like I know what is going on with my boys (and you and Jason.)



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