Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our Weekend

We had such a fun weekend!  We had co-op Friday morning and then came home to play outisde!

When we got home from church today, I got started with some spring cleaning inside (going through clothes, listing some on e-bay, cleaning out closets, etc.).  Jason took the boys outside to help with some yard work!  My husband is a pretty good handy man and I hope that my boys acquire some of that useful knowledge!  Their future wives will probably appreciate it too!
And this is how Hayden was working!
Actually, Jason said that he did help a good bit before he took a fishing break. :-)

Finally, we ended our weekend with  a fire, roasting marshmellows, and making smores.  It was not nearly cold enough for a fire, but the kids wanted to roast marshmellows!

It was fun!  I hope you all had a great weekend like we did!

P.S.  I notice that my kids seem to always have on the same shirt in pictures.  I swear they have more (way more) than one shirt.  I guess I need to put the clean laundry at the bottom of the pile in the drawers!

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  1. Great pictures. I am going through clothes too. I have realized that we bought way too many clothes for our oldest because we have more than enough for the twins! Lots of laundry and stacking clothes for my sister-in-law to go through, she has a little boy almost 2 yrs old. I had to laugh when you made the comment of your kids in the same shirt a lot on your blog. Mine too. Every time I get the camera out, I say to myself, their in the same shirt again! Oh well, no worries, we Moms know. Looks like Daddy has some good little helpers. Manay blessings.



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