Monday, April 5, 2010

Not My Kids Monday

Welcome to Not My Child! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Okay.  So we have been super busy this past week.  I know that everyone out there in blog land knows that kids handle busy schedules, messed up schedules, and holidays like sweet and perfect little angels and my kids are no different.  Also, since I have been so busy, stressed, running around like a chicken with my head cut off um, perfect this week, I thought I would write about some things that my sweet angelic kids absolutely did not do.

First, they absolutely did not complain and argue about me wanting them to wear shirts that matched on Easter.  They did not practically throw fits over this topic because they are 8,8, and 5 and kids those ages do not throw fits.  Instead they ended up wearing similar shirts . . .

I don't know about everybody else's kids in the world, but my boys hate taking a bath or shower.  I think that they like smelling like stinky little boys.  We have to make them take a shower and consistently remind them about soap and shampoo.  (Hopefully, we will outgrow this stage and will someday happily bathe!) With that said, I most certainly did not look out of my kitchen window and find my children doing this:

I mean if only I had known that the secret to getting little boys to bathe was to send them outside with freezing cold hose water, a bottle of shampoo, and a wagon.  Of course, not MY kids.  They would never do something as silly as that!

Next, we (we being my husband and I) decided that this was the year to end the whole Easter bunny nonsense.  We still intended to fill their baskets up with goodies, but we wanted them to know that it was from us and not some bunny delivering things to people's houses.  (Honestly, we thought they might have outgrown it by now.  But. . . ) So, after the news had been broken, my sweet little Drew did NOT look at us and say, "Why did you let me believe that for 8 whole years?"  Um, parents were totally at a loss for words.

Finally, after enjoying a wonderful Easter service with our amazing church family, we headed out to my mother-in-law's to hunt eggs, fellowship, and eat.  My kids, more specifically the youngest, did NOT open the back door and set off the house alarm.  We did not have to begin frantically texting all members of that family (in the middle of their worship service) to try and find out the code for the alarm.  MY kids would never do such.  I mean they always listen, obey rules, talk with respect, and get along amazingly.


  1. Aww poor Drew! You LIED to him! haha...You should have just went on and told him No Santa and No Tooth Fairy! I had a feeling he might take it the hardest!

  2. Happy Easter! It looks like you guys had fun!



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