Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up

We have had a great week!  We started off the week . . .

by wrapping up our stinkin' standardized test.  We only had one section to finish from last week.  We were so busy last week with our study of the Easter season and this, that and the other that we weren't able to fit it all in.  Well, that is not the truth.  We could have if I really felt like it, but I didn't because honestly I hate standardized test and don't really give a flying flip about them. There I said it. 

On Tuesday, we went on what has to be one of the best fieldtrips ever!  We went to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.  Seriously, oh my at the sugar in the glaze . . . I won't even tell you!

At this point, they asked me to put away my camera because pictures were not allowed in the back.  Oops, sorry.  Didn't know.  Anway, here are the kids after the tour waiting for our FREE HOT NOW DOUGHNUTS!

So we all ate our oh so yummy doughnuts and then we were given coupons to use later for more free doughnuts.  Seriously, what a great fieldtrip!  We left Krispy Kreme and went to the park.  The weather was fantastic and the kids had a great time playing and the moms had a great time talking!  Socialization for both -hehe.  Anyway, we left there and kept on socializing at McDonald's.  I know what you are thinking - what a super healthy and nutrition loving mom you must be.  Yeah, I know.  But sometimes, you just gotta live a little.  After Mickey D's it was off to the library.  My friend at the park suggested some new books for my boys to read, Marvin Redpost and Horrible Harry.  We've already read one Marvin Redpost book and are getting ready to start the next one.  It's so nice when your kids find books that they enjoy!!!!!  It was a fantastic way to wrap up and truly fantastic day.  The rest of our week was spent on same ole same ole school day stuff.  Nothing else super special.  Oh, school and baseball of course!  How was your week?

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  1. Yummy field trip!!!! We often take on on the fly there. LOL

    I'm with you on the tests. Such a waste of my time. Every year my daughter takes it and asks "Why do they ask such silly questions?" LOL

  2. ooohh, yummy! I will have to remember there for my littles fieldtrips!

    stopping by from the party...loving your blog!

  3. Oh! Krispy Kreme! Oh!

    We got hot Krispy Kreme donuts TWO YEARS AGO...when we were in North Carolina. Two long years ago. Does the 10th commandment include coveting someone else's Krispy Kremes?

  4. Yuck! Standardized tests. We still need to do ours. But everything else looks like fun! :)

  5. That is the *bestest* field trip EVER!!! ;)

    Sounds so fun and yummy!



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